Be trained by a leading industry expert!

Britney Hoskins

Lead Experience Curator

of The Top Pic Collective

Celebrity Event Designer who will lead in teaching our top featured courses and guide you in an intensive learning for upskilling your potentials in event designing and decoration!

Our goal is to give designers and small business owners practical knowledge that can be applied in quick succession to create an attainable impact on their business.

We will offer longer, more in depth classes in addition to shorter quick impact classes but they will all work together to strengthen your business. 

We’ll discuss designs and system management. On site design and prep to make the day easier. We’ll go on this growth journey together.

I’m excited to see you grow! 

The Top Pic Collective
Dazzling Ceiling Installation

An introductory course that provides you the basic knowledge on installing an event ceiling decoration. Learn the aspects of installation including materials, tools and techniques.

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The Top Pic Collective
Luxury Floral Masterclass

Learn the basics of designing with floral headers. We will discuss the types of flowers to use, construction methods and why it is important to make your banner look elegant.

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The Top Pic Collective
Lush Tablescapes

 Learn the basics on the arrangement of items on a table that produces an attractive and decorative effect, often with matching plates, and more. This can be the beginning for many to gain confidence in designing their own table settings for any event.

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