Welcome to "Storytelling in Sales: Mastering the 5 W's and H", a transformative class where the art of storytelling meets the science of sales. This course is uniquely designed for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and anyone eager to compellingly present their product or service to the market.

Get ready to transform your ideas into compelling value propositions and your propositions into profitable success stories.

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Your instructor

Britney Hoskins brings a wealth of hands-on experience to the classroom, where she guides aspiring professionals through the intricate world of sales. Her track record in the field is marked by an impressive career in various sales roles, ranging from direct consumer interactions to large-scale strategic planning for business-to-business engagements. Britney's journey through the diverse sales landscape equips her with an expansive toolbox of strategies and insights, which she expertly distills into practical lessons for her students.

As the dynamic instructor behind this Course, Britney is deeply connected to the material she teaches, infusing each lesson with a passion that only someone truly dedicated to their craft can convey. She thrives on seeing her students grasp complex concepts, grow their skills, and gain confidence to enter the competitive sales arena. For Britney, the most rewarding aspect of teaching is facilitating those transformational moments when a theoretical understanding clicks into real-world application, an experience she is committed to providing for every individual in her course.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • What: Understanding Your Product
  • Dive deep into WHAT you are selling and the experience you provide.
  • Conduct a thorough Market Research Analysis.
  • Explore current market presentation and positioning.
  • Uncover why YOU are uniquely qualified to sell this product or service.
  • Why: The Driving Force
  • Delve into the reasons behind your business venture.
  • Find your true motivation and learn to articulate it compellingly.
  • Who: Knowing Your Audience
  • Create detailed customer avatars.
  • Understand the mindset of your ideal client for a solid marketing foundation.
  • Where: Strategic Marketing
  • Explore the intersection of digital and real-world marketing.
  • Learn common and unconventional marketing channels.
  • Receive insider tips on effective marketing strategies.
  • How: Pricing Strategies
  • Master the art of pricing your product or service.
  • Learn to balance value and profitability.

Who Should Enroll?

Anyone looking to enhance their sales skills, understand the psychology of their customers, and learn how to effectively market their products or services. Whether you're starting a new business or looking to improve your sales techniques in an existing one, this class is for you!